About Adamus

Prime Thumbs up
Name: Adam James McNamara

Nick Name: Adamus Prime

Born: November 3, 1983

Favourite Game: Bionic Commando (NES)

Favourite Food: His Wife’s Triple Cheese Lasagna

Strengths: Vast knowledge of useless factoids, can lift heavy things if he has to

Weaknesses: Cats

Fun Fact: Adam used to have a natural part in the middle of his hair…Then it went away! Where did it go???

Born and raised in Pickering Ontario Canada, Adam discovered a love for video games early on in life and it has only grown over time. He likes Comics, Movies, Transformers, He-Man, and basically any nerd culture from the 80’s. Currently he lives in Toronto with his amazing wife Alex, who is a successful wedding planner, and his dog Watson, who is only too happy to watch Adam play video games beside him on the couch. He likes to act, taking any gig he can get, and is the voice of Galactic Raider “Gant” on the soon to be released children’s cartoon show “Jerry and the Raiders”. He performs sketch comedy with his award winning comedy troupe Jape and loves hard alcohol, sometimes combining these past times into one! His dream would be to make a career out of acting, or to live in a life size replica of Castle Greyskull…which ever comes first.


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