# 12 – RoboCop Versus The Terminator (….Murphy….…)

System: Sega Genesis

Release Date: May 19,1994

First Played: November 3, 1994

Status: DEFEATED – September 26, 2014

If you were to ask me what 4 words I would put together to create the greatest sentence in human history, it would be “RoboCop Versus The Terminator”!!! Their names are synonymous with action, grit, violence and a futuristic landscape that is bleak and unforgiving…it’s fun for the whole family!! Here’s a brief run down just in case you are unfamiliar with these legendary characters:

Tale of the Tape:


 NO!! Nononononono!! I said ROBOCOP:

That’s better…

Name: RoboCop (Alex Murphy)

First appearance: RoboCop (1987)

Number of Films/TV: 3 Films (ugh, fine I’ll include the new one,4) 4 TV shows (2 live action; 2 animated)

Weapon of choice: Modified Beretta 93R

Strengths: Super strength, endurance, advanced body armour resistant to standard fire arms, sharp shooter, enhanced intelligence due to cybernetic implants.

Weaknesses: Feels pain/emotions, slow, easily succumbs to OCP programming, needs to refuel and maintain human components via “Baby Food Goo”.

Proof of Bad-Assery: Took out warehouse of heavily armed drug dealers, defeated “Superior” robots like ED-209, RoboCop2 drug robot and RoboCop3 ninja robots; can perform awesome ricochet bullet shots because he can, once had a jet pack!

Favourite Quotes – “Dead or Alive, you are coming with me!”, “My friends call me Murphy…you can call me RoboCop!”, “…..Murphy…..”

The Terminator:

Skynet – Trust me, he will blend right in with the foolish humans!

Name: Terminator: Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (first film only, as said by Kyle Reese.)

First appearance: The Terminator (1984)

Number of Films/TV: 4 Films (Fifth in the works), 1 TV

Weapon of choice: Really big guns.

Strengths: Super strength, speed and agility, can take heavy damage and keep going, computer level genius, weapons expert, voice modulator lets it sound like anyone, needs no rest, knows the future, really good at one-liners!

Weaknesses: Extreme heat (metal melting heat), getting crushed, weapons that only exist in the future, needs to steal clothes, stands out in a crowd.

Proof of Bad-Assery: Got blown up in a tanker truck explosion and kept going, took down entire police station single handed, kept going even when it lost its legs.

Favourite Quote: “I’ll be back”; “You’re Terminated.”, “It’s not a tumour!”…wait scratch that last one…

It looks pretty evenly matched, but we can all agree on one thing, RoboCop and The Terminator are money making cash cows! Someone, somewhere, this wonderful, magical, incredible person, dared to ask this question “Who would win in a fight”? And if that wasn’t good enough, they ANSWERED IT by smashing together these two iconic franchises! On paper, this seems like a sure thing, but can an idea so fantastic, so epic, so breathtakingly astonishing and amazing be able to come together to make an entertaining video game?

When First We Met…

I received this for my birthday in 1994. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember asking for it, I don’t even think I knew it existed. I knew who RoboCop was and I thought he was really cool; I knew who the Terminator was, and thought he was pretty freaky…yet also cool. My only explanation is that my parents knew this and in their travels saw this game and thought it would be a good idea to get it for me, so I was surprised and delighted when I unwrapped this…

 photo 5

It’s a simple cover, but still exudes intenseness; much like looking at a briefcase that you know holds a powerful weapon within. Curious to see how these two badass titans would duke it out, I locked and loaded it into my Genesis! It should be said that up to this point in time, I had played it safe with video games. I played your more family friendly Mario’s and Sonics, the more “violent” titles were super hero games or “Double Dragon-esque” beat-em-ups where the most aggressive thing you saw was a “Ka-Chunk” sound effect on screen and then a bad guy fading away. It becomes clear what you’re in for from the get go as the title slams onto the screen… photo 4

RoboCop’s name flies toward you with a cool sounding zoom while The Terminator’s explodes onto the screen accompanied by a machine gun sound effect!! Whoa!! This is intense, and all I did was read the title!! You’re presented an option screen and I decide to go with normal difficulty (out of the possible wimpy, normal or KILLER difficulty settings). I discover you can only play as RoboCop, which I’m fine with! After all, RoboCop is a good guy and Terminators are bad guys, so it makes sense. Before each level there is a screen that states your “Prime Directive”, just like what RoboCop sees in the movies!!

 photo 6
I would think that was just common sense…

Level 1 starts; there’s RoboCop in all his glory standing there holding his huge hand gun; the music is a mix of cool, intense and funky! There are no enemies in sight so I try out what Robo can do. A is shoot, B is jump and C (as I would soon discover) switches between weapons; you can carry a max of 2 weapons at a time. He walks slowly, but that’s just like the movies, so I love it! Also, he can shoot 360 degrees all around him! Evil has nowhere to hide. Happy with the controls, I move forward and am confronted quickly by some punk with sun glasses! He shoots, I duck to avoid the bullet and I fire…the punk cries out and EXPLODES IN A GORY BLOOD PUDDLE OF DEATH!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! That was so violent, so over the top, so…………..AWESOME!!!!!!! I am overwhelmed with the feeling of forbidden pleasure, of holding the power of life and death in my hands. This was not family friendly…I was through the looking glass………and I liked it! I felt myself changing from happy go lucky youth into an adult….dare I say…a MAN….I quickly left to grab a glass of milk and some Oreo’s and continued. The level is fairly straight forward, just go right and explode criminals…

I think he gets it the worst!

Along the way you can blow up windows and garbage cans that provide “Baby Food Goo” health power ups, invincibility shields and extra lives, but some contain bombs. You’ll also find GUNS! LOTS AND LOTS OF GUNS! In this level alone, I found a bazooka, a grenade launcher, a homing gun that seeks out bad guys and a flame thrower!! I found my best combo was homing gun and flame thrower. Eventually the hidden bombs and crazy amount of bad guys takes its toll and I die, and it is here that the game becomes a tricky bastard. You will lose whatever gun you are holding when you die, it being replaced with your default handgun. So, if you really like a certain gun, while RoboCop cries out his death cry (which is very creepy) switch to the least favourite weapon, or better yet, your handgun. I eventually make it to the end and run into a very large man with a machine gun! I’m able to jump around, dodging his bullets as the homing bullets do their work…and boy do they work!

I stand corrected; this guy gets it the worst!

The next level plays basically the same, only this time I need to find hostages and save them. However, during my violent cleansing of street crime, I stumble upon a secret level…which is called a “Secret OCP Office”. Hello, hello what’s all this then? I get ready to take out some of the typical thugs but am greeted instead with….

TERMINTAORS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they take a hell of a lot more damage than those easily pop-able humans! You need to knock down a Terminator twice before it blows up, and in this level, there are drones that fly by and laser gun things that pop up from the floor! Needless to say, I die a lot, but I manage to hold onto a flame thrower and make it to an odd looking power-up. It basically cycles through every gun and health icon in the game….I notice a really fat looking gun in the mix and time it so I get that one. That gun is none other than the main weapon of the ED-209!

Yup, that guy

This secret room allowed me to get a gun that I wouldn’t normally be able to get for another 3 levels!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! So, I exit back to the main level. The ED-209 gun is stupid powerful; I’m able to mow down baddies with scary ease. Eventually I come face to face with this levels boss…The Terminator, as in 16-bit Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator!


 I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach!!

Wait…what’s he doing here? Shouldn’t he be the final boss? No time to question his appearance though, because he opens fire! With my incredibly powerful ED-209 gun, sadly, Arnold is a cake walk. Yes, he takes a lot of damage and you have to knock him down something like 4 times, but he just can’t hold a candle to ol’ Eddy here! This kind of disappointed me, I mean, this is called “RoboCop vs. The Terminator” and there’s a picture of Arnold on the back of the box, so I naturally assumed that the climax of the game would be a brutal brawl between these two…guess not…though right before The Terminator blows up you hear RoboCop say “You’re Terminated!!” AAAWWWW shit!!!! No he didn’t!!!

From here, the next levels visit locals from the RoboCop movie franchise, including Delta City (which is basically a massive construction site) and the Toxic Waste Farm! The Platforming difficulty increases here, but it’s doable. In Delta City, you get to face that Drug addicted Robot from RoboCop 2!!! Again, due to me picking up and keeping the ED-209 gun, DrugBot blows up real good!

photo 7
In the Toxic Waste Farm, I was able (by fluke yet again) to find another secret level…which is another construction site…oh…so it’s basically the same as the previous level. The boss here is a weird robot spider that my handy ED-209 gun squashes flat! Now, I’m starting to regret finding that secret level where I got the ED-209 gun…things are really easy….even on normal difficulty. As always, I spoke too soon, because next up is the OCP office!


Mondays, am I right?

It’s packed with terminators, bazooka bad guys, ceiling and floor guns and flying drones! My hubris is my downfall, this onslaught is too much and I die…losing all my lives and my ED-209 gun in the process!!! But I have continues, so I give this another go. I got lazy by relying on the Eddy, so it takes me a bit to get the feel of the other weapons; my go to are the grenade launcher and flame thrower. After many deaths, and with a flame thrower in hand, I come face to face with THE ACTUAL ED-209!!!

 photo 3
You have 10 seconds to comply…One Mississippi…Two Mississippi…

Oooooooooooh crap. I know right away just how deadly and brutal this fight will be, since I’ve been using its main weapon for the entire game so far! I love the ED-209 sound effects, the slow menacing grinding sounding footsteps accompanied by that engine roar it does! (Insert Tim Allen grunt here.) The Flame thrower is able to take out some but not all of ED-209’s bullets, but it’s tough to dodge the ED-209 when it charges at you. I end up losing the flame thrower and am left with my hand gun, just dancing and dodging bullets and charges, when finally I deal enough damage to cause a mini explosion…which makes it drop an ED-209 gun!! Welcome home baby!!!! But the ED-209 is far from defeated; I manage to grab the gun, jump on a nearby barrel and let him have it! Another explosion, which leaves just the ED-209’s legs! Come on, die already! After a constant stream of bullets focused solely on the twitching remains of the ED-209, it eventually blows up and goes into its death throes! Level complete!! But what lies ahead is…….the Terminator outpost…

What the heck? I…I must be in the future! The war torn apocalyptic Terminator Future! But…how did I get there? There was no cut scene or anything? One thing is for certain though, I won’t be facing any more humans…from this point out it’s all Terminators, which are more resistant to my newly regained ED-209 gun. My Prime Directive also tells me I need to save hostages. Great, thanks humans!! There are a ton of terminators, but by keeping my distance, I can usually take them out. However, I didn’t count on boulders dropping on me from hidden spots in the ceiling! I lose my Eddy and my lives and need to continue…ggaaahhh!!!! Using the hand gun against Terminators is so frustrating, mainly because it takes so long to kill them. After saving a hostage, I’m able to find a weapon that, dare I say it, is even MORE POWERFUL than the ED-209! It’s some sort of laser shot gun looking thing, and it can dissolve a Terminator in one shot!! (About 4 shots for Red Terminators.)

photo 4

This helps me out a lot and I eventually get to the boss. A large Terminator with an even larger machine gun!!

photo 5

This guy is insanely tough, and I’m barely able to hold onto my new laser gun and my life! This game has really made a noticeable jump in difficulty, especially the next level…which ends my journey. The music is intense, it actually gave me goosebumbs. The Terminators are relentless, the level is long, and the boss was next to impossible…

It’s some kind of mix between and ED-209 and a frog! If you touch the ground, which is engulfed in flames, you die; the only way to get around it is by jumping around on the polls above you. It’s fast, has deadly fire power and seems to know when I’m going to jump; it jumps into me, knocking me into the fire pit below. I would play through this game many, many times (loving the earlier levels especially!) but no matter what I did, I could not get past this boss. I don’t even recognize it from any of the RoboCop or Terminator films, which frustrates me even more; I’d rather lose to the ED-209 than some randomly created boss. So, I slunk away, never beating Skynet, never liberating the future of humanity, and having to face the miserable reality that I had been…TERMINATED…

Meanwhile in the Present…

When I found this game, the song from the first level immediately got stuck in my head! I remembered having a lot of fun with this game, but also how crazy difficult the later levels were. While researching the release date, I discovered that this is actually based off of a comic book miniseries of the same name!

Huh!! I had no idea! I have not read it yet, but I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for it! When I first start the game, before the main title, I notice that there is a story that slowly scrolls up the screen. Why did I never notice this before? I guess I just kept pressing start, wanting to get straight to the Terminator bashing action! It basically explains the whole plot of the comic book (I read a brief synopsis on line). Here’s the story in a nut shell:

In the Terminator infested future, human freedom fighters discover that the RoboCop program is one of the main ingredients that created Skynet, the computer program that becomes self-aware and decimates humanity. So, humans go back in time to kill Robocop…and Terminators go back to save Robocop (what a twist!) Eventually, RoboCop discovers that the evil business conglomerate OCP is what really starts the whole end of the world deal. Unable to prevent it from happening, RoboCop uploads his consciousness into the OCP system (which will become Skynet) so he can be rebuilt in the future and help liberate humanity!

It’s a cool story, but why tell me everything up front? There are no surprises now! It even mentions that I fight the ED-209! I’d rather that there were cut scenes in-between levels which gradually feed me the story. But alas, I guess I’ll just have to be content with the brilliant brutality! As per my stipulation, I have no choice but to play this on KILLER…normal was bad enough! As I start playing, I’m actually taken aback at the violence! That man was just RIPPED APART, and I only shot him in the leg!!! I was 11 when this came out…should I have been playing this? The box says that it’s for 13 years or older…so I guess technically I wasn’t supposed to…but if playing this game back then was wrong, then baby I don’t want to be right!! The violence is ridiculous to the point of being absurd! I think this just adds to the game though; these franchises are all about over the top action, so this feels like a very faithful transition from film to game in my opinion!

I’d buy that for a dollar!

The enemies are definitely more aggressive on KILLER, but by taking my time and not ploughing through a level (as was my usual strategy as a kid), I’m able to get through pretty well unharmed. I remember very well where the secret room with the ED-209 gun is, and the game becomes even simpler! I also notice that I’m able to rack up the extra lives very easily. By the time I get to the ED-209 boss, I’m close to 30 lives! I never got that many when I was a kid! The Terminator levels are just as difficult as before, but again, instead of just going pell-mell through wave after wave of Terminators, I take my time, I find a spot where a Terminator is waiting and take him out from a safe distance, which allows me to easily dodge bullets. After I found that laser shot gun again, this made taking out Terminators a breeze. I even discover that in some cases, I’m able to press myself against a wall so that my gun sticks through to the other side and I’m able to take out Terminators that I wouldn’t run into till later! The Big Terminator with the big gun was insultingly easy. Age and experience has allowed me to easily pick up his shooting pattern and the hardest part of this fight turns into just waiting for him to blow up. I also realize that all the Terminators stand in one spot…they have legs, WHY DON’T THEY COME AFTER ME???

Now I know what you’re thinking, what about the frog ED-209 robot? Well, he was really easy too! My successful dodging allowed me to keep my laser shot gun (I replaced my ED-209 for it) and I easily found a high up angle where I jumped over it with ease. Soon he was ready for the scrap heap. Now I’m not implying that I never died, I did, but I had so many lives and was always able to keep the most powerful gun that I was never in danger of having to use a continue. As I traverse the war torn future, making my way through a terrifying terminator complex, past the Wall of Skynet and onto the very heart of Skynet itself, I notice something. One, the design of these levels are amazing, nothing seems cookie cutter. They are dark, cold and uncaring and added an underlining dread to the situation the RoboCop put himself in. The music always seems to one up itself, becoming more intense and adding the perfect amount of tension. Mostly, I notice that, by taking my time, (and by making sure I hold onto my laser shot gun) these levels aren’t that hard. The only thing that bothers me is that the bosses after the ED-209 Frog-Bot are more giant gun Terminators.

photo 1
The beginning of the game and such a variety of bosses, why settle for the same terminator boss 3 times??? It’s attack pattern stays the same as well, so again, it’s more a waiting game that an all out battle. What saves it from becoming too repetitive are the levels themselves and the crazy music! Finally, with patience, perseverance and A LOT OF KILLING, I make it to THE SKYNET BOSS… robo3

Which is a giant Terminator head……huh….I was expecting something else. What, I couldn’t say, but it seems a little unoriginal. Why not a GIANT TERMINATOR?? Something that is 4 screens tall and I need to navigate platforms in order to take out different parts of its weapon filled body??? This isn’t to say that this head isn’t tough! I understand now why the game gives you so many lives, because with this guy, YOU WILL DIE.

He attacks by throwing waves of drones out of his head and by summoning terminators to attack you on either side of the screen. After dealing some damage, the boss will spit out one of those changing power ups where you can get an ED-209 gun…but why would I need that? I’m doing so well! No problem, right? Until it happened, I accidentally switch weapons to late AND LOST THE ONE GUN THAT COULD BEAT SKYNET. AAAAAAGGGHHHHHHfuckfuckfuckshitfuckAAGGHH!! All I had was my hand gun…which did nothing. I went in with close to 40 lives…and lost all of them…There was no point in continuing, I’d only start with 3 lives and there was no way that I could take out all the Terminators at the beginning of the Skynet level with just a hand gun…so I opted to start the game over…son of a bitch…

Long story short, I’m able to battle my way back to the Skynet boss with a laser shot gun…………until I lost it again!!!! I’m all jittery, I psychiced myself out trying not to lose it! As luck would have it, I managed to deal enough damage so it spewed out a changing power up! I power walk towards it, having no time to wait or the ED-209 gun since I’m rapidly losing health and the icon starts to fade away the moment it hits the ground! What I get is some weird looking hand gun that shoots out really fast red lasers! I have at it, dodging and dying and holding on to this little gun for as long as I can! I’m losing lives rapidly, I’m down to 8 from my original 30 something!! Another power up drops but I can’t afford to move to pick it up!! Is this gun actually doing anything? Is this just a fancy version of the hand gun!?!? Then, without warning, the head begins to explode and fall off screen!!!

photo 1

It fell really quickly, I only had time to get this picture! It’s blurry because I’m falling off the couch as I’m taking it!

I…I did it! I beat the Terminator head!! And…I guess that means Skynet too? Another wall of text appears, telling me I’ve won and that Skynet is dead…

photo 2 photo 3

At the end of the story before the credits, it asks “Did you find all the secret levels?” Huh? I don’t know; who cares?!!? I won!!! Credits…Fin.


I’m not happy with the final boss…not only because I feel they could have been more creative, but because it doesn’t make sense. How did beating that head beat Skynet? The only way that would work would be if the computer program input its entire being into that head, or that it relied on that head to keep things running or something. Why would a program do that? I would think that RoboCop would need to enter a virus into the Skynet program in order to corrupt it or something. I really think this game needed cut scenes; if I didn’t read the beginning and ending blurbs, or the synopsis of the comic it is based off, I would have no clue what is happening! It doesn’t explain how RoboCop goes to the future; it’s just instantly the future. That’s not to say that this game is bad, I just felt that after a good 2 and a half hours of playing this game, I needed a stronger payoff with the boss battle and ending.

Despite this, I still think this is a fantastic game! It’s solid action from start to finish and, let’s be honest, if you’re in the mood to shoot evil robots and to graphically explode some street thugs, then the story doesn’t really matter. The variety of weapons, the amazing detail on Robocop and his enemies (if he stands still for a few seconds, he’ll twirl his hand gun and holster it in his leg! Classy!) as well as the killer sound track makes the repay value on this game a must!

Should you play this? My God yes, why are you still reading this? Go buy this or download it now!! Just be ready to die a lot and for a lack of boss variety later on in the game. Apparently this came out for the Super Nintendo as well and that version had cut scenes, but it looked cartoonier. I guess the question is do you prefer story to graphic realism, or the other way around?

So what do you think, are you going to get this? Are you going to watch a RoboCop marathon, or even better, a Terminator Marathon?? Are you excited to see Arnold suit up for a 5th Terminator instalment?? Sound off in the comments below!

Stay tuned next week when we DIVE into # 11. It’s a game that deals with time travel in no other way that I have seen before…and the story is just as crazy! This may look all cute and friendly at first, but let me tell you, this ain’t no trip to Marine Land!

Tah tah!

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