The Journey Begins!!!

Adamus Prime’s Video Game QUEST!!!!

The Journey Begins!

Hello! And thank you for stopping by my blog! If seeing this Blog has piqued your interest it means that:

A) You are in your late 20’s early 30’s and consider yourself a gamer in the finest sense of the word. Especially “Retro” games.

B) You had or currently own an NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Wii, Wii U, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, DS, 3DS (I have a Nintendo bias, sorry…)

C) You know what this means:


D) You are a friend or family member and are reading this to make me feel special.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Adam McNamara but for the remainder of this adventure, I will be Adamus Prime! What’s the difference? Basically I wear a housecoat, a Transformers helmet, drink scotch and play video games (so a typical Wednesday morning).

Now that formalities are out of the way, it is time I discuss exactly what this quest is that I (and therefore WE) will be heading out on……….

The Seeds of the Future are Buried in the Past…

If you followed this year’s E3, it’s likely you are very excited for Christmas 2014 and especially for what 2015 will bring. PS4 and XBOX One have some amazing games lined up (“No Man’s Sky”!!! Look this up! It’s games like this that make me hate being a Nintendo guy.) But, arguably, the one who stuck to their guns and showed the true spirit of E3 (game footage over game trailers in my opinion) was Nintendo. A new Zelda, A new Star Fox, SUPER SMASH BROS, the introduction of the Amiibo (Figurines of your favourite Nintendo characters that can save game and character information and even be used with other compatible games, i.e.: have a Link Amiibo? You can use him to play as Link in Mario Kart 8, among other future titles! At least that’s the plan anyway). It looks like Nintendo may have finally found that 1-Up Mushroom to make it a competitor again.

And as I drooled over these Nintendo wonders, dreaming of Captain Falcon smashing Baby Mario off of Rainbow Road, my wife asked me, “I haven’t seen you play that Assassins Creed game for a while,” (Assassins Creed 3; one of several Christmas presents she gave me, including Assassins Creed 4! Love those shanties!) “Don’t you like playing it anymore?” My wife is a rare breed of woman, one fully accepting of the fact that her husband is a geek (What can I say, I’m a lucky guy!). She plays the occasional 2-player with me; right now we are really into vs. mode in “Tetris” (Random, but fun!) and a Pictionary game in the Wii U title “Game and Wario”. But mostly she likes to sit with me on the couch as I play; she working on her own blog and budding Wedding Event Planning career, and me cursing at the game I’m playing, though her preference for watching are more story based games, like Assassins Creed, rather than your typical platformer.

“No, it’s not that, I think it’s great!” I said, “It’s just I want to unlock everything in Mario Kart 8 first! Then get all the stamps in Super Mario 3D World and then I need to finish all the feats in Shovel Knight! Oh! And then I…etc. etc. etc.” But that got me thinking; I tend to put a game aside to play the newer more popular game. Once I’ve done every possible thing there is to do in that game, I take one step back and work on the game I had previously shunned….until that awesome new game comes out and the pattern repeats. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember, passing (or giving up) on a game for a “better” one, leaving them to be lost and forgotten in one of my several video game chests. Yes, chests. Our condo is basically a house in Hyrule, just don’t smash our pots! Then it hit me!


 I ran over to my gaming stash and dug into it. I dug into a month ago, then into my 20’s, my awkward teens, and finally my childhood when I was just a 6 year old kid wondering exactly who this Mario was and why he was so Super. I was flooded with memories; memories of cheat codes gone by, of that seemingly randomly rendered enemy that would send me falling into a bottomless pit, of that final battle at 3 am that I vowed never to face again. I saw them; I saw the ones I forgot, the ones that had bested me, and the ones that had STILL bested me. I set my jaw and reached my hand into the past. There was unfinished business at hand; it was time to settle the score.

The Quest!

I made a list of 25 games starting at NES all the way to Wii U that I either:

A) Could not beat. or  B) Got frustrated with and gave up on.

My first entry will be # 25 on my list starting with what I consider to be my earliest foe. I can’t say exactly how frequent my posts will be, as each game will take a different amount of time to beat…if I can beat it at all. I will try my best to not use a walkthough, but some of these games, as you will see, in my opinion are next to impossible without one. Though it will be tempting, I WILL NOT USE ANY CHEATS OR A GAME GENIE. There will be no Player 2, only Player Me. Some of these games are really random, and are not “popular”, but I think that just adds a certain je ne ce quoi to the wackiness that is sure to follow. I will be writing about my experience, past and present, with the game and I guess in the process come up with a bit of a review for it as well. I will be drinking scotch.

So, with that said, I hope you come back to check out what games I have dedicated my life to beating. Maybe you also have that game and have not beaten it, or maybe you have and are all like, “You can’t beat that??? Pfft!” Though I have a set list, if there is a game you want to suggest, please do! If I have not beaten it, I may just give it a try!

So thank you once again for reading this, and stay tuned for the first game on my list!!!!!

Tah tah!!

Adamus Prime
Prime Thumbs up




One thought on “The Journey Begins!!!

  1. Dude this is a great idea. One of my nemesis games as a kid was Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge for SNES. It was so frigging hard for 12 year old Chris but it would be pretty cool to see how I would do now.


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